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We began watching YouTube videos about Rv life back in December 2016. It started us thinking of making a change. We slowly started downsizing. After raising three kids, who by the way helped us tremendously throughout this process, living in a 3bedroom home on 10 acres with a 40×90 pole barn for 20 years, we have accumulated lots and lots of stuff! Bill wanted to be retired by summer. Which means we need to put our house on the market.  In the meantime, we went to RV shows and watched every video on RV living. By the way, we have never owned or drove an RV in our life! We finally decided to look for a used Mobile Suite. We also knew we wanted a used F-350 dually truck.   After many, many garage sales, weekly trips to the dump and donating to salvation army, we put our house on the market July 7,17. It sold July 10,17! We now have only 30 days to buy an RV, a truck and move out! July 28, we purchased our 2012 Ford dually truck. Bill finally retired after 39 yrs, August 17,17. On August 22, we bought our 2008 Select Suite in Ocala Florida. Our RV was to be delivered to us in Michigan in a few days, except Hurricane Irma hit Florida! We had to be out of our house August 28! So we moved in our daughter’s home in Wisconsin along with our dog, cat and all our belongings. Our RV was finally delivered to Wisconsin on Sept 28. And now the journey begins…

Bill & Bonnie

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