Crafting Rv Style

Organizing my Rv craft cart

When we sold our home last August, I donated or sold most of my craft supplies that I have accumulated over years. All the crafts supplies I have now are in the cart above and some in a closet. I do miss my big craft room.



Turmeric milk

I love all these ingredients and have them on hand, going to try it tonight before I go to bed.

Cooking Without Limits

turmeric milk with cinnamon and honey

Just a few years ago I discovered turmeric, a new spice which I love. With all the healthy benefits, turmeric became an important spice to use in my kitchen. This year I discovered turmeric milk and now I am drinking it before I go to sleep.

I use my own recipe because is a way to add to this milk other healthy ingredients. If I don’t have almond milk or rice milk in my fridge I use cow’s milk.

Turmeric milk, an Ayurvedic drink, helps you boost your energy and health. Most of us drink turmeric milk at night to help with our sleep and heal common colds or sore throat. It also helps with indigestion, menstrual cramps, headaches, arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Turmeric milk also fights different types of cancer: breast, colon, liver and prostate, and helps with depression, purifies blood, relieves pain and helps with neurological disorders.

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Day at the Beach

Navarre Beach

While walking on the beach today, Bill and I realized this is literally the first winter we haven’t had to shovel or plow snow! We both grew up in Ohio, moved to Northern Michigan when we got married in 1980. We never vacationed except for visiting family back in Ohio or taking our kids to their sporting events. Now retired we are officially on a Vacation! Ahhh!


Note to Self – A Guide to Self Preservation in my Senior Years

Life After 50

Often, we read about people writing to their younger selves, sharing advice they wish they had known in their earlier years.  This is done in the hopes that another younger person may read it & benefit from this sage advice.  An attempt to somehow lessen the stress & self-doubt a younger person feels as they move forward in life.

This got me to thinking.

At the age of 54, based on my life experience to date, what advice would I deliver to myself in my senior years?  If I had the chance to have a conversation with my older self, what nuggets of knowledge would I feel it necessary to share?

Hopefully one of my kids will have tucked this away in a safe place, waiting for the appropriate time to present me with my own words of advice.  Lord knows, I won’t be able to find it anywhere & I…

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Sounds of the ocean

Navarre Beach

Bloody Mary Time!


Bloody Mary Cocktail

The perfect cocktail on a rain, gloomy Sunday afternoon.

RvGroovin Bloody Mary recipe

  • 1 oz. vodka (I prefer Tito’s vodka)
  • 3 oz. Mr.T Bloody Mary mix
  • 3 oz. V-8 juice
  • splash of beef marinade (Dales beef seasoning)
  • hot sauce, depending on your taste
  • splash of dill pickle juice
  • pinch of celery seed

Rub the rim of glass with dill pickle, dip into a mixture of powder steak seasoning and ranch powder! Yum!

Add celery stick, mozzarella cheese stick, dill pickle, shrimp

Hope you enjoy!



Navarre Beach, Florida

Enjoying the sunset at Navarre Beach Campground, Florida.

Happy Hour

929B7396-4888-41F5-8D32-BE80834C5205This is so yummy! I sugared the rim and added lime shavings to the sugar, 1 1/2 shots of Malibu coconut rum, orange juice, club soda, lemon & lime juice, splash of grenadine 🧡 Cheers 🥂

Romeo waiting for Bill

Romeo is waiting for Bill to take him for a walk. He doesn’t realize the chair is just a little to small 🙂IMG_1225 (Edited)


Love my new nightlight


R we there yet?

Romeo and kitty

Tour our RV

These are pictures of our RV when we just purchased our Mobile Select 2008 36ft fifth wheel.

Baking Cookies in my RV Kitchen

I’ve been baking these cookies for years, but this is my first batch of my Killer Bee cookies baked in my RV convection oven. They turned out great! These are my husbands favorite, favorite, favorite cookies! About 30 years ago I watched Michael Tucker from L.A. Law being interviewed (I don’t remember the show) and he made these cookies. I think it was his mothers recipe, anyway I tried them and have been making ever since.

Crafting tags in our RV

I used my mason jar punch, Bo Bunny cardstock, stamped sentiment with stamps from Lily of the Valley to make these little gift tags.

Romeo living the RV life

We rescued Romeo from a shelter about 7 years ago, he is about 13yrs old now. He has hip dysplasia pretty bad. Getting in and out of the truck and RV is hard for him. We try to make him as comfortable as possible.IMG_9937

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